In 1999 Melanie Jones left a lucrative career in the corporate sector to devote herself full time to the character education program for youth she began as a volunteer. She is the founder of Speak to Children, a non-profit organization specializing in teaching children and teens character development. Melanie created a curriculum whose lessons are based on core ethical values that address the student on the intellectual and emotional level. The lessons are centered on topics such as diversity, self-esteem, gratitude and having a conscience.

Melanie has worked expansively to integrate her program in education and devoted years traveling nationwide and globally teaching the lessons in schools, associations, as well as training teachers and parents. She believes in teaching the whole child, educating both on the academic, social and personal level. Fostering self-awareness and educating youth with life skills create leaders who bring positive social change and influence society in a constant changing global world.

Melanie is also an established inspirational speaker, consultant and author of a children’s picture book. She was invited to the White House where she met with Michelle Obama's Deputy Dr. of Policy to discuss Mrs. Obama's initiative to raise public awareness around military families. Her forth-coming book teaches children how to bring to mind the memories of the person they miss and love so they can feel close even in their absence.

Well-known institutions such as Stanford University, The Fresh Air Fund, The National Alopecia Areata Foundation, Friends of The Children, The National Psoriasis Foundation and UC San Francisco Child Life Department have employed Melanie for her inspirational speaking. She has worked with the prestigious Eisenhower Foundation and The International Diplomacy Council as well as educators from Japan, Nepal and Africa as a consultant and The Deak Group. Also, the Shinyo En Foundation honored her with a Community Leader Award.

Melanie has an innate gift with children and young adults. She knows how to gain their trust and thereby engaging them while speaking. She creates a safe environment where questioning and self-discovery are encouraged. Melanie believes that academic achievement is intrinsically connected to all aspects of a student’s life therefore addressing the emotional intellect on a multitude of levels can build a foundation for that child's future success.

Melanie studied psychology, child development and sociology. She earned her BA from the University of San Francisco and has a Masters of Science in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco School of Management. Melanie received formal public speaking training from Power Speak, Inc. She also studied under Paula Statman, an inspirational speaker and coach.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

  -Mahatma Gandhi

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Meet Melanie Jones