I am so thankful for having Miss Melanie in my Classroom.  It is a wonderful gift that my students have been given.  Miss Melanie has wonderful rapport with the children and they respect her and because of that, know that what she is saying is very important. My students benefit tremendously from her lessons and they have grown and changed their behaviors since then.  She enhances their vocabulary and makes them think about their consequences.  It is a wonderful opportunity that we have been given to have her.  As a teacher, I have also learned and acquired various ways of dealing with my students.  My students and I follow-up on her lessons and refer to the vocabulary constantly.  Not only are my students learning life skills, but also they are enhancing their abilities in public speaking, writing, art, social development; every thing is correlated.  All my students are minorities and from not so privileged backgrounds, and it is obvious that Miss Melanie's topics make a huge impact on their lives, as it is that they deal with many issues.  Many of my children have problems at home, school, or with friends, and Miss Melanie seems to give them options.  She makes them feel proud and special of who they are and everything they do.  My students look forward to their lessons with Miss Melanie and we appreciate all her hard work.  We are grateful for our gift.   

Mary Jane Vallejo

2nd Grade - Bilingual

Hawes School, Redwood City  

This program allows students to open up about their feelings in a safe environment. The program gets kids to discuss issues that effect them on a daily basis and reaches beyond the standard curriculum  taught in school.

Maria Nardi

2nd grade Head Teacher,

Edison Brentwood Academy

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