Melanie's Speak to Children Program was a very effective way to support our schools Core Value Program. The students were very attentive to Miss Melanie when she worked with them. Her calm and accepting demeanor allowed a trust to build between her and the students when talking about sensitive subjects like self-esteem and equality. Melanie used anecdotal examples to illustrate the meaning of her lessons, and this made her more accessible to the students. They saw that she is just like them, and their experiences were similar. 

The students were engaged by the content of her lessons, but more importantly, they were allowed opportunities to construct their own meanings. They were able to share their own experiences with the class in a safe environment. After they discussed the content and how that related to their own lives, they were asked to illustrate an example of what the lesson meant to them. At the end of the lesson it was the children's work that was showcased and celebrated.

Melanie's greatest lesson was not how to talk to children, but how to listen. Any school would benefit from her program. All children need to have a forum to discuss these issues and Melanie presents them clearly and in a safe environment to students.

Lisa Buchleitner 
Third grade teacher 
Edison Brentwood 
East Palo Alto, CA 

Miss Melanie also supports the students by sharing their work and providing positive feedback on their accomplishments. I think Miss Melanie is an outstanding teacher that not only has taught my students good values and morals but she has also helped and supported many students that come from very needy situations.  My students and I appreciate Miss Melanie and her excellent work.  Thank you for choosing our class to receive such a terrific experience! 

Cristina Vallejo

2nd Grade - Bilingual

Hawes School

Redwood City

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