Who Teaches Speak To Children’s Program?

As an independent, outside speaker, Melanie Jones captures the attention of children by talking very specifically and openly. This gives the children the opportunity to relate their own experiences and to hear the experiences of their piers. It also gives them a chance to practice appropriate behaviors by applying what they’ve learned in a drawing and sharing their drawing to their classmates.

Partnering with Educators and Parents
Our goal is to support educators by seamlessly integrating the program creating harmonious classrooms. We email teachers the lesson plans before we enter their classroom. This gives teachers a clear picture of what they can expect to happen over the course of our involvement with the children. In addition, we will communicate directly with the teacher before every visit to provide an opportunity to discuss learning objectives. We also request the teacher be present during each of the sessions.

Proven format

Each session is approximately 45 minutes in length. We spend 15 minutes introducing the topic, 10 minutes having the children give examples and participate in the discussion, and 20 minutes having the children apply what they have learned by illustrating their experiences in a workbook called “My Thinkbook”. This format fosters a rich, lively discussion and generates enthusiasm for the topic as well as ideas for integrating the concepts into their lives.

Workbooks for students

Workbooks are given to the students at the start of our first session. These workbooks provide the children a place to draw what they have learned during the session. A separate chapter is provided for each topic so that the children can add examples to their workbooks. The workbooks serve as an interactive tool for learning key concepts, practicing the new concepts and tracking progress over a period of time. These workbooks can be shared with teachers and parents at the end of the program to evaluate what the children have learned.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."  Benjamin Franklin  

The Program:

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